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I like collecting UX writing samples and thinking about what I might change.

Here's a notification from Gmail I saw in May 2017:



  • I assume it was intentional to misspell embarrassing in the first line? It's quite a subtle communication of the benefit—I nearly missed it.

  • "sec" instead of second seems odd, considering the available space

  • Not sure the quotation marks or hyphen make sense in "un-send"

  • Users have to make a decision at "Try it?" (where they can’t act on it) and at the buttons below

  • “Yes” and “Now” are unnecessary in the right-hand CTA

Here's another Gmail notification, from July 2017:


  • The CTA, "I Don't Want Smarter Email" makes me feel bad for not making the "Yes, I Want It" choice

  • I saw this before I realized there's a whole blog dedicated to confirm shaming!

Something from Facebook in July 2018:


  • "We'd Like To Do Better" is hard to read in Title Case

  • This question doesn't lend itself to a simple agree/disagree answer

  • How will Facebook have enough context to use this information?