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  • Company: Financial Engines

  • Project: form redesign

  • Scope: redesigning a form where users confirm their identity

  • Collaborators: project manager, designer, marketing director

  • Goal: get users to complete a short flow and not abandon it at the form

  • My Contribution: content


As part of a marketing campaign, users received an email with a link to view a free retirement evaluation. Before users saw their evaluation, they needed to fill out a form to verify their identity.


Research told us that users:

  • Didn’t know who was asking for their information in this form

  • Didn’t understand why we were asking for their information

  • Had concerns about sharing their Social Security Number

  • Were confused about which ZIP code to enter (residential or work)

  • Didn’t know what we were going to do with their information


  • Added a more accurate header with explanatory text

  • Changed fields names to Title Case per style guidelines I created

  • Added helper text in the ZIP Code field

  • Added a tooltip for the SSN

  • Changed CTA to "Done"

  • Revised the privacy policy language

Form Redesign: Before and After

Form Redesign: Before and After