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  • Company: Facebook

  • Project: notification

  • Scope: writing a notification letting users know they now like a Page

  • Collaborators: product manager, lead content strategist for Pages

  • My Contribution: content for the notification


On Facebook, profiles represent individual people, and Pages represent businesses, brands and organizations. Sometimes users conducted business via a profile. To help minimize this, Facebook wanted to make it easy for users to create a Page from their profile.

In this flow, users could choose profile friends to like their Page automatically.


Those profile friends received a notification, and could then choose to unlike the Page.


  • Choosing to like a Page is a significant action—it’s a part of someone’s public identity on Facebook

  • Users' profile friends weren't making an active choice to like a Page—they liked the Page automatically


  • Focus on the positive intent of the profile friend who created the Page


jewel_notificaton .png